Up and Down We Go

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Today was remarkable for the rapid warm-up from a chilly morning. Typically the morning low jumps about 20-degrees to get to the afternoon high. That’s refered to as the “diurnal range”.  This morning the low at DFW Airport  dropped to 26°(our official temperature site is DFW though, it should be said, no one lives at the airport). This morning featured clear skies, low humidity and a southwest wind. At 8am it was 28°. By 10am it was 48°. By 11am it was almost 58°. It got all the way to 68° .  That’s a jump of 42 degrees, only the second time in the last three years we’ve had a diurnal that started with a four.

Above Freezing1

Yesterday at 4pm the dew point at DFW was an extremely dry -3 degrees (the relative humidity was a scant 17%). That is the driest air we’ve had over the metroplex since 1996. Crazy.

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