Vaccine Recommended For Expectant Mothers, As Whooping Cough Cases Increase

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

TARRANT COUNTY (CBS 11 NEWS) – Tarrant County Public Health has issued a warning about pertussis–commonly known at whooping cough.

The county has seen 104 cases this summer and fall, with 37 kids hospitalized.

“Over the last several years we’ve had big outbreaks,” said Dr. Don Murphey, Medical Director of Pediatric Infectious Disease at Cook Children’s Medical Center.

The symptoms include coughing fits and difficulty breathing, which can leave infants or small children gasping for air.

“The kids we worry about are the ones turning blue. Holding their breath, and that’s usually infants,” Dr. Murphey said of the most serious cases.

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Dr. Murphey said we are seeing record numbers, not because parents aren’t vaccinating their kids. He says it may have to do with the vaccine itself.  Several years ago, the pertussis vaccine was modified from an older version, because kids were experiencing side effects…

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